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Because of our flexibility and our extensive experience we are able to offer a variety of special solutions that are aligned to your needs.

For example:

Automatic transfer system

  • Task:

Automatic transfer of stampings via buffer line with automatic extraction; casting control via camera system

  • Solution:

Via a roller conveyor belt the fragments are placed on the feed device.

The monitoring by a camera system ensures that the plant is feeded exclusively with faultless and correctly placed fragments.

The integrated gripper places the castings exactly into the press. At the same time the removal of the already treated castings processes via a chute.

The removed castings are deposited on a passive buffer roller conveyor.

Optionally the transfer can take place by a linked conveyor system.

  • Advantages:

Short cycle times by lower personnel costs and high volumes

Secured placing due to camera control

Easy changeover of similar parts by changing the relevant components such as grippers, trimming tools and stop plates.