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For the automatic sequence of a casting process we offer you the integration of casting cells.
These can be offered and implemented in both as individual components or as well as a complete solution.

Basically for the automation of the casting cell the following components can be used:

  • Extraction robot

A robust 6-axis industrial robot, suitable for use in foundries, removes the castings from the die casting machine and also determines the handling within the cell.
The used gripper is designed respective for harsh environments and depending upon the application properly adjusted.

  • Part  inspection control

The control about the complete removal of the casting from the die casting machine takes place by the part inspection control.
Thereby the remarkable points of the casting are checked with different sensors.

With a positive evaluation of the part control a signal is sent directly to the casting machine and the next shot can be released.

  • Quench tank

For cooling down of the castings to an adequate temperature for trimming, a quench tank is used.
In the simplest case, the robot submerges the casting into the water-filled quench tangk for cooling. After a defined time, the cooled casting is taken out of the basin. The waste of water is avoided as robot is pouring off the excess water from the casting over the basin.

  • Trimming press

The robot inserts the cooled part into the cavity of the trimming tool assambled on  the trimming press. Via the interface the correct position and placing of the casting is tested and the press cycle is started.

  • Removal

Through a removal device the punched castings is removed from the trimming press and passed out of the cell.

  • Safety fence

To protect the cell against the operator, we construct an appropriate safety fence with controlled access to the area of ​​the robot and its workspace.
A safe entry into the cell can only take place while robot standing - for programming purposes a to the robot belonging program system is equipped so that it can go with an open cell door with a reduced rate to the programmed tracks and positions .

  • Scrap removal

The scrap disposal can be done either through chutes, containers or conveyors.