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Since Machinery Directive came into force latest since 01.01.1995 and in accordance with the related national laws all presses needs to hold a CE Marking. The manufacture declares to have fulfilled the guidelines as well as the national norms and laws during manufacturing of the press.

Before the application of these norms the presses in Germany needed to be built and run according the provisions of the professional associations (Berufsgenossenschaften). This might be the case for the majority of the presses, which are still running the companies.

Older presses do have a right of continuation, if they dispose a minim level of safety devices as defined by Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV) before. By this way there is not the need to adapt them continuously to the latest requirements.

For new presses the operator is obligated to ensure that a new press does have a CE Marking and that all need provisions mentioned in the declaration of conformity of the manufacture are listed. For presses which do have the right of continuation it has to be guaranteed, that all accident prevention regulations are exactly fulfilled.

As a specialist for trimming presses, trimming devices and special equipment Aulbach  Automation GmbH constantly consider the current legalization. In this way and by the continuous dialog with the expert committees of the professional associations the specific know how is steadily enhanced and depend.

The accordance with the current provisions of our products is self-evident.

Upon request we gladly carry out the needed Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV) test at your machines.