With our innovative automation concepts, we realize your projects according to your individual requirements and wishes.
Our station-based cell control coordinates and monitors your process centrally and adapts to all circumstances.
Regardless of the number of cell participants, the interfaces, process and safety functions as well as process information are visualized in a clear and very understandable manner. An evaluation of the process data with transfer to an MES is possible on a customer-specific basis. Our mobile control center fully supports you with the entire process management and cell configuration.
With our cycle time-optimized, camera-guided robotic solutions, e.g. the part localization and position determination in 2D and 3D, we offer the best possible gripper and processing handling.
For maximum setup security and prevention of possible sources of error, we offer you a wide range of monitoring systems for tool coding: coding plugs, RFID, 2D codes & scanners (wireless or wired).