Accident prevention Inspection

According to the EU Machinery Directive, presses must have a CE mark. This shows that the guidelines and national standards were met in the manufacture of the press. Every operator is obliged to ensure that a new press bears the CE mark.

We at abk carry out appropriate Accident prevention Inspection (UVV) tests. These are required annually, the whole thing is checked regularly by the trade office. The UVV test is carried out according to a specified standard and can be compared with a type of safety test.

If a press does not meet the standard, we will summarize the defects and provide you with a cost estimate. After the safety deficiencies have been remedied, the machine is checked again.

Our service not only includes checking your presses, we will reset individual machine parts correctly if necessary.

Customer Service

We guarantee you optimal availability and the fastest possible response times.
If you have any problems, please contact our emergency hotline: +49 60 22 / 26476-0. for international requests (ENG/ESP) you can call +49 6022 / 26476-11.
We forward your request to the responsible employee. If you have a problem with a press, we can connect to the machine via mobile phone remote maintenance and start an initial error analysis.
We also have partner companies for servicing, maintenance, installation and commissioning in China, the USA and Mexico.


You have the option of concluding a special service contract with abk, which includes regular maintenance of your machines.
This improves the reliable running of the machines, increases machine availability and ensures a longer service life.
Our specialists work reliably at all times with all common press types and complete casting cells without intervening / changing the control. Maintenance is often carried out in connection with the accident prevention inspection.


We advise our customers individually according to their personal concerns. If desired, we planĀ  cell layout together and check a possible cycle time optimization. We record and provied all details in a consultation protocol.