Peripherical Equipment

Robots and Gripper

Three-jaw gripper HT plus:

Couble-jaw gripper Kn – He:

Contour Gripper:

Part Control

Structure of the parts control:

Quench Tank

Depending on your specifications, for example, an immersion cooling trough to cool the parts with water:

Protective fence

Our safety fences naturally comply with the applicable regulations for securing a danger area.

Access control:

Conveyor for Deburring disposal

We supply you with a trimming conveyor belt in a solid design (5 mm plate thickness for small and medium-sized loads, 8 mm plate thickness for larger loads) with cross struts for trimming conveyors and a SEW geared motor with monitoring protection function in a stable design.

Length, width and plate spacing depend on the respective conditions and can be adjusted.

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